Revised 5/10/2020

Dani's Glass Design


Because of shoulder problems, Dani wasn't able to do much glass work in 2019. But after healing following surgery, she has completed several projects.

Dani made the 5 foot high cross for our church. Click to see some more images and the text from a bulletin insert explaining the symbols in it. stained glass cross
She made this leaf for a friend. As you can tell lighting can make major differences in what a piece looks like.
This cat was made for her grandson who has a favorite mean cat.Cat
Stained glass flowers Dani likes flowering plants. The trouble is that they only flower at a particular time of the year. So she made this piece for just outside her studio that will blossom all year long. She has also been trying to get a clematis to grow for 3 years. This is her clematis.

Stained glass flowers

This piece will also decorate her gardens.