Dani's Glass Design


Dani's health limited her work in 2013 but the following two pieces were completed.

Spiderman One of Dani's grandson's loves Spiderman. So she made this piece as a Christmas present for him.

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Nativity sceen Danielle made this piece to help her family celebrate the birth of their Lord. It frequently is placed under her Christmas tree during the Christmas season.

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Starting in late 2013, Danielle, whose studio was near Mossyrock, Washington, really got into her stained glass work and taught herself how to work with copper foil. All the pieces on this page are done using this method. She thanks God that her health has improved so much that she was able to do this.

Unfortunately, some of these pictures were taken with a cell phone and don't have the greatest quality.

Free standing tulips This piece is different in that it is intended to stand in a wooden block instead of hanging. It measures about 10-1/2 inches by 7-3/4 inches. Currently it sets on a table in front of the windows in our great room. It is so unique that she has received several orders for copies of it. (More tulips.)

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Free standing tulips
Danielle made this cross to hang in our sanctuary garden. A cross
Four real flowers enclosed between to panels This was a commissioned work for a woman who found the flowers in her mother's Bible. The flowers represent her mother's four children. It is a very unusual piece because the flowers are enclosed between two panes of glass.

P.S. The woman liked her piece so much that she order three replicas for her children. Only this time the pansies are glass. The colors were picked to compliment the children's homes.

3 panels with glass flowers

A cross

  She also commissioned this cross for a half sister.

    Mt Hood, lighting version 1           Mt Hood, lighting version 2    
This commissioned work is a western view of Mt. Hood. It is done with copper foil and includes copper wire trees on either side. It measures 24 inches by 18 inches. Two views are shown because it can look quite different with different lighting conditions.

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April 19, 2014

Danielle wrote this about this piece: "My mother-in-law, Helen Brink, was a wonderful woman who never ceased to love me. I was reminded recently about her love of birds and that, were she alive, would with pleasure have my glass art in her home. I felt a bird coming on. So, this barn swallowtail is in honor and memory of this amazing woman that I love and miss very much."

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Barn swallowtail
Fairy This fairy panel is a commission piece. The fairy colors are representative of the young woman receiving this panel since she is its inspiration. It also includes a copper bracelet set with an oval blue topaz, her birthstone.

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April 25 and 29, 2014

Tulips Tulips
These are the first two of six or more tulip pieces she has been asked to do. The first was a commisioned item. The second is a donation to a silent auction to benefit a niece and 2 of her sons who have type 1 diabetes. (Click either picture to see a larger version of it.) The original tulip piece .

May 18, 2014 and July 22, 2014

Seattle Mariners Emblem Danielle made this Seattle Mariners Emblem as a gift for her husband.
(Note: The black areas next to the teal sections of the star are actually opaque silver mirrors but do not show up correctly in this back lit photo.)

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This piece needed to be back lit but there was no appropriate window space so her husband decided to experiment with a light box using a LED light source. Below left is the result. The colors are pretty good at least on his computer. Actually the teal is more accurate than in the view on the left.

The pictures below right show the interior of the box. The upper one shows the vellum defectors that help spread the light. There is another sheet of vellum attached to the back of the stained glass piece that acts as a diffuser. The lower one shows the LEDs.

This particular light strip is warm white. Perhaps a cool white strip would have been better choice.

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Light box for Seattle Mariners Emblem Light box for Seattle Mariners Emblem
Light box for Seattle Mariners Emblem

May 29, 2014

Giraffe This was a commissioned piece that is 28 inches high and is an original design. The mother giraffe shows love for her baby even though it has a quite different coloring. The eyelashes are wire extending from the glass. The baby's are copper colored. (Actually the blue and gray surrounding the giraffes is actually sky that shows through the clear, rippled glass.)

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June 28, 2014

The person who commisioned this is giving it to her father-in-law who loves hummingbirds.

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Hummingbird with rose
Swallow This is one of three additional swallows that were commissioned by a sister-in-law and her daughter that are copies of the swallow Danielle built in honor of her mother-in-law.

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Aug. 3, 2014

Faith's Transom

This is major original piece that Faith commissioned. Danielle believes it is one of her best. It measures 35 inches wide and 9 inches high and is designed to fit in the transom above Faith's front door. There are lots of small pieces of glass in the window. Each of the 198 pieces had to be cut and wrapped in copper foil before the work was assembled and soldered.

As always, trying to get a photograph to show its beauty is extremely difficult. The blue in the background is actually blue sky that shows through the pale pink water glass. The border which might appear to be a wood frame is actually dark amber glass that is quite bright when light shows through it. When the picture was taken, it was setting on the stand you see in the bottom cener.

Click on the picture to see a larger view of the window (102KB) You can click here for an even larger view (143K) but it may be larger than your monitor can display.

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Aug. 3, 2014

Monkey with guitar The monkey was a semi-original design, commissioned work for the friend's new great-grandson. Can you find his name hidden on the guitar?

The guitar strings and eye lashes are copper wire.

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