Danielle's Stained Glass Portfolio


Some of the panels Danielle created in 2008 are included below.

In 2010, she spent some time cleaning 18 stained glass windows for the church we were attending at that time. They hadn't been cleaned for decades.

Unfortunately, creating new glass panels was difficult because she didn't have a suitable place to work. Her creation of new pieces came to a standstill. We solved that problem in 2010 by building a glass shop in our barn.

Panels Created in 2008

Tony's Seahawk Danielle made this Seahawk emblem for our grandson Tony. It now graces his bedroom. Thanks to Ian for taking the picture. (The wide vertical bars are in the house window the panel is sitting in front of.)

You can click the image to see a larger version (128 KB)

Skinner's window

Danielle created this piece in the Fall of 2008 to celebrate Jerry and Gail Skinner's marriage.

Because music is an important part of their lives, it includes musical notes and instruments. The single notes represent their lives before marriage, the double note at the top represents them after marriage. The piano and guitar represent their favorite instruments. Both like red roses and had them at their wedding. In addition, they represent their rediscovering the beauty in life. The cross represents their Christian faith and the flames in the bottom right corner represent the bad times they had before they met and helped make them what they are.

The piece is nearly 5 feet high, built with lead came, and was designed for a window next to their front door.

Unfortunately the green, white, brown, and light blue areas in the background show through the textured pale peach glass areas.

You can click the image to see a larger version (about 500 KB)

Her New Glass Shop

Glass Shop Glass Shop
Glass Shop Here are three views of Danielle's new glass studio They were taken before she was able to use it very much. You might guess that because it is so clean.

In the picture above, you can see her glass saw and grinder sitting on the work bench. The saw allows her to cut intricate curved pieces. The process is much faster and results in a lot less breakage than when she had to use the traditional methods. She still hand breaks some glass as it is a skill she doesn't want to lose.

In the picture on the left you can see the table that she actually does most of her work on. The windows just provide a view to the rest of the barn which was dark when the picture was taken.

Since these pictures were taken, we have added a light table that allows her to see what the glass will look like when it is lit from behind.

Cleaned Church Windows

During the summer of 2010, the stained glass windows were removed during a remodeling project. They had not been cleaned for many, many years so Danielle volunteered to clean them. The glass had been varnished so every surface had to be scraped. This effort took a large part of the summer to accomplish. Some pieces of glass were entirely covered with dirt and oil residue. (The church had an old oil furnace.)

The windows below are 8 of the 12 "Disciple" windows - one for each of the disciples.

After the project was completed, people were surprised at how bright they were when they were lit from behind or by outside light.
Church windows
Church windoes Church windows